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Anne Christophe

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How do infants acquire their mother tongue? 

They have to learn its words, its sound patterns, and its syntactic characteristics. For each of these domains, being able to rely on knowledge from the other domains would simplify the learner's task. For instance, since syntax specifies the relationships between the words in a sentence, it makes sense to assume that infants need access to words and their meanings in order to acquire syntax. On the other hand, Lila Gleitman showed, very convincingly, that acquiring word meanings was a difficult problem that would be much simplified if infants had access to some aspects of syntactic structure (Gleitman, 1990). This leads to an apparent paradox, or 'bootstrapping problem': the lexicon is necessary for syntactic acquisition, and syntax is necessary for lexical acquisition. 

These potential circularities can partially be solved if infants can learn some aspects of the structure of their language through a surface analysis of the speech input they are exposed to. In my work, I focus on phrasal prosody and function words, showing that infants acquire these aspects of their mother tongue early, on the basis of bottom-up analysis of the speech input. I suggest that these two sources of information may allow them to start building a rough syntactic analysis of the sentences they hear, the syntactic skeleton.

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Curriculum Vitae


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29 rue d'Ulm, 75005 Paris, France.
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Curriculum Vitae:

Born 14th January 1967, in Metz, France. French nationality, married, four children.

Professional experience and education:

2010-present      Director of the Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique, (LSCP) EHESS-ENS-CNRS (UMR 8554) in Paris.(deputy director 2004-2009). 

2008-present      CNRS senior researcher (DR) at the LSCP.
2006                   'Habilitation a Diriger des Recherches', Universite Paris VI. Title "Bootstrapping lexical and syntactic acquisition".

1995-2008         CNRS junior researcher (CR) at the LSCP.

1994-1995         Post-doc at the Cognitive Development Unit, MRC, in London; director: Pr John Morton financed by the European Community "Human Capital and Mobility" programme.

1993                   PhD in Cognitive Psychology, EHESS, PARIS, with distinction. Director: Dr Jacques Mehler Title: "The role of prosody in segmenting speech into words.".
1990                    James McDonnell Foundation Summer Institute in Cognitive Neuroscience, Dartmouth College and Medical School (USA).

1989                   Diploma at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris).


2014-2017         Grant from the French Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, "Language Learning in Context", with Sharon Peperkamp.
2012-2015         Grant from the 'Fondation de France', "Early syntactic and lexical acquisition: computational and experimental approaches".
2010-2013         Grant from the French Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, "Bootstrapping Language Acquisition", with Sharon Peperkamp.
2005-2008         Grant from the French Agence Nationale pour la Recherche, "Acquisition precoce du langage : approches experimentales et computationnelles", with Sharon Peperkamp.
2004-2007         Grant from the French ministry of research, "ACI Jeunes Chercheurs et Jeunes Chercheuses", "Acquisition precoce de la syntaxe et du lexique".
1998                   "Bronze Medal" from the CNRS.
1996-1997          "European Research Grant" from the "European Research Foundation": "The role of intonation in early language acquisition. In collaboration with  Josiane Bertoncini, (Laboratoire Cognition et Developpement, Paris), Laura Bosch (University of Barcelona) and John Morton (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, London).
1993                    Award of the best PhD thesis defended at the EHESS in 1993.
1989-1993           Research scholarship from the "Direction de la Recherche, des Etudes et de la Technologie."

International collaborations (past and present): John Trueswell (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), Jeff Lidz (Maryland, USA), Daniel Swingley (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), Cynthia Fisher (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Reiko Mazuka (Riken Brain Science Institute, Japan), Angela Friederici (Max Planck Institut for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany), Toben Mintz (University of Southern California, USA),  Roger Wales (La Trobe University, Australia), James Morgan (Brown University, Providence, USA); Nuria Sebastian-Galles and Laura Bosch (University of Barcelona, Spain), Marina Nespor (Milan, Italy); Teresa Guasti (Milan, Italy).

Supervised PhD theses:

Dautriche, I. (2015). Weaving an ambiguous lexicon. Unpublished PhD thesis, Universite Paris Descartes, Paris. pdf

Costa, M. (2015). Argument structure in language acquisition: an ERP study. Unpublished PhD thesis, Universidade Federal do Rio do Janeiro.

Brusini, P. (2012). Decouvrir les noms et les verbes: quand les classes semantiques initialisent les categories syntaxiques. Unpublished PhD thesis, Universite Paris VI. 

Cauvet, E. (2012). Traitement des structures syntaxiques dans le langage et la musique. Main supervisor: Christophe Pallier. Unpublished PhD thesis, Universite Paris VI.

Bernal, S. (2006). De l'arbre (syntaxique) au fruit (du sens): interactions des acquisitions lexicale et syntaxique chez l'enfant de moins de 2 ans. Unpublished PhD thesis, Universite Paris VI. pdf.

Millotte, S. (2005). Le role de la prosodie dans le traitement syntaxique adulte et l'acquisition de la syntaxe. Unpublished PhD thesis, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. pdf

Gout, A. (2001). Etapes precoces de l'acquisition du lexique. Unpublished PhD thesis, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. pdf

Editorial activities:
Associate Editor for Developmental Science, 2009-2013.
Associate Editor for Language & Speech, 2002-2009.
Member of the Editorial Board of Language Learning and Development, since 2003, Language Acquisition, since 2011, and Cognition, 2000-2004.
Invited expert for a number of peer-reviewed journals, including PNAS, Science, Nature, Psychological Science, Cognitive PsychologyTrends in Cognitive Science, etc.

Publications :

Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

Dautriche, I., Mahowald, K., Gibson, E., Christophe, C. & Piantadosi, S. (2017). Words cluster phonetically beyond phonotactic regularities. Cognition, 163, 128-145. pdf

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Miscellaneous :

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