Alex de Carvalho

PhD Candidate

Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique - LSCP
Department of Cognitive Studies
École Normale Supérieure - PSL Research University
29 rue d'Ulm - Pavillon Jardin
75005 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 44 32 29 82
alex.carvalho (at)


RESEARCH INTERESTS: Language Acquisition, Processing & Development



PhD. Cognitive Sciences (expected 2017)
M.A. in Cognitive Sciences, Ecole Normale Supérieure - Paris, 2014
B.A. in Linguistics/Education, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 2011



  • de Carvalho, A., Barrault, A., & Christophe, A. "Look! It is not a bamoule!" 18-month-olds understand negative sentences (submitted).
  • de Carvalho, A., He, A. X., Lidz, J., & Christophe, A. Prosody guides babies in the discovery of word meanings (submitted).
  • de Carvalho, A., Dautriche, I., Millotte, S., & Christophe, A. Early perception of phrasal prosody and its role in syntactic and lexical acquisition. In P. Prieto, N. Esteve-Gibert. Prosodic Development in First Language Acquisition. John Benjamins (TILAR Series) (in press).


Conference Talks

  • 20th biennial meeting of the International Congress on Infant Studies
    The acquisition of word meanings: interactions between parsing and learning. New Orleans, LA - USA; May, 2016
  • 40th Boston University Conference on Language Development
    18-month-olds use the relationship between prosodic and syntactic structures to constrain the meaning of novel words. Boston, MA - USA; November, 2015

  • 12th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition (GALA 12)
    Workshop: The role of prosody in early speech perception

    Phrasal prosody helps infants to access the syntactic structure of sentences and to constrain the acquisition of novel word meanings. Nantes - FRANCE; September, 2015

  • 39th Boston University Conference on Language Development
    Phrasal prosody constrains online syntactic analysis in two-year-old children. Boston, MA - USA; November, 2014

  • 20th AMLaP Conference
    Toddlers exploit prosodic structure online to constrain syntactic analysis. Edinburgh, UK, September, 2014.

  • 38th Boston University Conference on Language Development
    Three-year-olds use prosody online to constrain syntactic analysis. Boston, MA - USA; November, 2013

    Invited Talks

  • Common Ground Seminar Series, University of Pennsylvania (USA)
    Phrasal prosody can guide babies in the discovery of syntax and word meanings. Philadelphia, MD - USA; October, 2016
  • Language Acquisition Lab (Cindy Fisher's Lab), University of Illinois (USA)
    The acquisition of word meanings: interactions between parsing and learning. Champaign, IL - USA; July, 2015
  • Linguistics Departmental seminar, University of Maryland (USA)
    Infants can use morpho-syntactic cues and phrasal prosody to learn word meanings. College Park, MD - USA; November, 2015
  • Project on Child Development Laboratory (Sandy Waxman's Lab), Northwestern University (USA)
    Bootstrapping early lexical and syntactic acquisition. Evanston, IL - USA; July, 2015
  • Perspectives on Language Development Symposium
    Computing a syntactic skeleton with phrasal prosody and function words.
    Nijmegen - Netherlands; October, 2014.

  • II International Conference of the School of Languages and Literatures - CIFALE
    The Cognitive Development of Infants. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Septembre, 2013.



Cognitive Science
Society for Research on Child Development (SRCD)
Pediatrics & Health Research
Language and Speech
Language, Learning and Development
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA)



John Trueswell (Dept. of Psychology - University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Jeff Lidz (Dept. of Linguistics - University of Maryland, USA)
Isabelle Dautriche (Center for Language Evolution - University of Edinburgh, UK)
Sandra Waxman (Dept. of Psychology - Northwestern University, USA)
Angela Xiaoxue He (Dept. of Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences - Boston University, USA)




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