The CoML team is currently recruiting post-docs, doctoral students and master’s and engineering school internships to work on the following topics:

Inside these general topics, short internships (4-6 months) minimum, master internships or PHD projects can be defined. Some of the projects can be conducted in collaboration with our colleagues in Tokyo (Riken Institute, University of Keo), at Johns Hopkins University (USA), at Brno University (Czech Republic), or, for the more machine learning savy, Facebook AI Research, Google or Microsoft.

The detailed open positions are listed below:

Master’s internships (open)

A limited number of positions for a Master’s internship are open every year. These internships should be for a minimum of 5-6 months. (for Topic 1, see here; for other Topics, contact us).

If you are interesting in applying to a relevant master, here is a non limitative list): Cogmaster, Dual Master, BIP Neuroscience, MVA, etc. For international students, there is the possibility of funding through the ENS/IEC program or the ENP program.

Engineer Internships/stages d’école d’ingénieur (open)

A limited number of positions are open for engineering internships throughout the year (last year internships, master’s internships, etc.). These internships should be for a minimum of 4 months, preferably for 5-6 months. They concern Topic 1 (see detailed announcement HERE).

PostDocs (open)

The project is currently recruiting 2 post-docs for a two year position, with two different profiles.

The first profile is in computational modeling/machine learning, and concerns a joint project between Ecole Normale Supérieure/INRIA in Paris and Microsoft Research (Redmond). The general topic is unsupervised learning of speech representations using several machine learning techniques.

The second profile is in EEG data collection and analysis. It consists in establishing a robust method to assess language development landmarks in infants at the phonological and lexical level. This method will be used to test the empirical predictions made by machine learning algorithms developped in the team and elsewhere.

Doctoral students

One doctoral position is open per year (pending competitive funding). It is strongly advised to first do an internship in the lab (Master’s or Engineering) before applying to a doctoral position. Indeed, French PhDs are only 3 year long, and the requirements are high (original research topic, 3 published papers, etc). A preliminary internship enables to explore a topic, gather initial results, and writing a strong thesis proposal.

Regarding funding (3 year fellowships), students will typically apply through the Ecole Doctorale 3C (preselection Feb, selection July), the Ecole Doctorale Frontiere du Vivant (preselection Feb, selection July). Additional possibility for funding are to be found through specialized agencies (eg; DGA) or through an industrial cooperation (CIFRE). The ITI PSL program is a 4 year program which includes a year with courses and internships before the student can apply to a 3 years PHD fellowship.

There is only a limited number of open positions for doctoral students every year. Potential applicants should contact syntheticlearner at gmail dot com for more information.