Stages et Postdocs

Here is a list of scientific projects partly begun or about to start at LSCP, for which we are seeking to recruit students/researchers at various academic levels. Funding is not necessarily already available on any of these projects, but can be applied for once a candidate is identified.

All projects take place at LSCP, Paris, France, unless otherwise mentioned. To express your interest in any of these projects, please contact the scientist in charge.

Theme Level Scientist in charge

Analysis of the differences between French and English wikipedia pages on psychology and psychiatry (theoretical project).

Master student Ramus

Early lexical and syntactic acquisition: the role of phrasal prosody and function words in acquiring word meanings. Experiments (infants and adults); corpus analyses.

PhD or Master Student Christophe

Neuropsychology of spoken language processing: deficit and recovery of comprehension and production in aphasics. Interest in clinical research, background in neurology, psychology or biology all relevant. Good French required.

PhD or Master Student Dupoux and Bachoud-Lévi (Hôpital Henri-Mondor)

Psychological bases of moral sense: Experimental studies on babies and adults on mechanisms of evaluation of intentional actions.

PhD or Master Student Dupoux and Jacob (Institut Jean Nicod)

Link between subliminal perception, repetition blindness and cross-modal processing.

PhD or Master Student Kouider

Brain imaging (fMRI and ERP-s) of conscious vs. unconscious perception. Time-course and levels of processing for subliminal and pre-attentive information in the brain.

PhD or Master Student Kouider

Link and interactions between linguistic and conceptual acquisition in young infants.

PhD or Master Student Kouider

Subliminal perception (visual and spoken words). Contrast of conscious vs. unconscious processing. Role of central processes in the integration of domain-specific information.

PhD or Master Student Kouider and Dupoux

Sound structure in human language: experimental studies with adults and/or infants.

PhD or Master Student Peperkamp

Various kinds of analyses of structural brain images of individuals with developmental dyslexia and possibly autism.

PhD or Master Student Ramus

Explorations of speech and auditory processing, auditory attention, etc., in developmental dyslexia.

PhD or Master student Ramus

The influence of early environmental factors on language development.

PhD or Master student Ramus

Computational modeling of early language acquisition: applying or developing machine learning techniques (Deep Networks, Bayesian Hierarchical Models, Hidden Markov Models) on infant-parent speech corpora across several languages in order to 'reverse engineer' language learning in babies. Background in programming, signal processing or linguistics useful. See more details in the website of the Bootphon team, and in the list of possible themes.

Postdoc or PhD or Master student Dupoux