PhD and postdoc opportunities

General considerations

I generally take PhD students only after an internship at the lab, either within a Master program or on a more ad-hoc basis. PhD projects are submitted to the Doctoral School as early as March for the next Fall.

My team is affiliated with Ecole des Neurosciences de Paris, which can provide internship and PhD funding to foreign students.

Besides specific postdoctoral funding for certain projects, external funding can be applied for once a specific project has been defined with an applicant. Various sources include Fyssen Foundation (deadline: March 31st yearly), Neuropole, Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale, European Commission, Human Frontier Science Program, or CNRS. I'd be particularly interested in applicants with experience with anatomical and/or functional MRI.

Master in Cognitive Science

I co-direct the Master in Cognitive Science (ENS/EHESS/Paris Descartes) and I teach the GDP1 course entitled "Genes, brain, environment, and cognitive development". I also participate in the GDP2 course "Education, cognition and the brain".

To access the GDP1 page with course materials, replace en/teaching.html with GDP1 in the http address above.

Training opportunities

I supervise students in 4th (M1) and 5th year (M2) and in PhD, as well as postdoctoral fellows. Considering my current projects, the priority profile is a background in biology or medicine, or alternatively maths or computer science.

For Master (M2) projects, it is best to contact me as soon as March or April for the next Fall. M1 projects can be organised on shorter notice. Internships are available on the following topics (although I'm open to everything that meets my scientific interests):

  • Processing of animated motion by patients with schizophrenia, using behavioural responses and eyetracking. See Social cognition project and the article by Roux et al. 2015.
  • Various kinds of analyses of structural brain images of individuals with developmental dyslexia and possibly autism. See Genedys project.
  • The influence of early environmental factors on language and cognitive development. See Eden epidemiological project.
  • Explorations of speech and auditory processing, auditory attention, etc., in developmental dyslexia. See the Phonological deficit project.
  • Analysis of the differences between French and English wikipedia pages on psychology and psychiatry (theoretical project; a third language would be interesting as well).
  • I also have emerging interests in the area of sexual cognition, but no concrete project so far. This topic would be appropriate for a bibliographic study.

In all cases, applicants should send me a CV and a letter by email.