"Cognitive development and pathology" team members

Hugo Peyre, MD, PhD: psychiatrist, assistant professor at université Paris Diderot,  associated researcher.

Mikel Lizarazu, PhD: Postdoctoral fellow on the Dysbrain project, with a grant from Agir pour l'audition.

Raphël Mizzi, PhD: Postdoctoral fellow on the Dysbrain project, with a grant from Agir pour l'audition.

Alice Latimier, MSc: Doctoral student working on improving learning through digital teaching (Parcours connectés project).

Ava Guez, MSc: Doctoral student working on the epidemiology of learning disabilities and behavioral disorders in childhood.

Ghislaine Labouret, research engineer, project SIDES 3.0.

Neha Mohanpuria, Bernardo Regal, Camille Williams: M2 interns.

Loriane Koelsch, Sami Amaddah, Cécile di Folco: M1 interns.

Alumni (neurotree)

Hugo Peyre, MD, PhD: Psychiatrist and assistant professor at Université Paris Diderot.

Lou Scotto di Covella, PhD: Doctoral student working on the neural basis of dyslexia. Now teaching at UPMC.

Sanaa Moukawane, MA: Neuropsychologist working on Dysbrain and Dyseden projects.

Amanda Saksida, PhD: Postdoctoral fellow working on auditory processing in developmental dyslexia. Now postdoctoral fellow at SISSA, Trieste.

Mengmeng Su, MSc: Doctoral student from Beijing Normal University, on a one-year exchange. Now professor at Capital Normal University, Beijing, China.

Jingjing Zhao, PhD: Postdoctoral fellow working on the neuroanatomy of developmental dyslexia. Now professor at Shaanxi Normal University, Xi'an, China.

Irene Altarelli, PhD: Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Geneva.

Paul Roux, MD, PhD: Psychiatrist at CHU Versailles.

Elodie Cauvet, PhD: Postdoctoral fellow on the Dysbrain project. Now at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

Baudouin Forgeot d'Arc, MD, PhD : PhD student on theory of mind (2005-2009), psychiatrist at Hôpital Robert Debré (until 2011), now in Montreal. Now researcher and professor of medicine at Université de Montréal.

Katarzyna Jednorog, PhD: Postdoc working on the neuroanatomy of developmental dyslexia. Now research associate at Nencki Institute, Warsaw.

Stéphanie Iannuzzi, PhD (postdoc on Genedys project, 2010-2011). Now neuropsychologist at CHU Purpan, Toulouse.

Nadège Villiermet (psychologist on Genedys project,, 2009-2011).

Caroline Bogliotti, PhD (postdoc working on Genedys and Neurodys projects, 2005-2008). Now Assistant professor at Université Paris-Ouest Nanterre.

Gayaneh Szenkovits, PhD (Master and PhD student, UPMC, 2002-2007).